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Communications Business Solutions gives you the opportunity to find interesting communication solutions in de form of a video and/or a banner with a little explanation in an understandable language.

How to Improve Collaboration with SMART kapp - the dry erase board reinvented

SMART kapp is the dry-erase board reinvented to actually improve business collaboration and productivity. Easily capture, save and share notes by connecting your board to smartphones, tablets and computers. With SMART kapp everyone can see the board's contents update in real time during brainstorming and problem solving sessions - no matter where they are in the world! For just $899 MRSP SMART kapp is an easy replacement for any dry-erase board or flip chart.

Email: kappinfo@smarttech.com

XPOD Videoconferencing Presentation

Top-notch technology and design! Those were the specifications Axeos had in mind when creating XPOD.It's a nice small booth fitted with a sliding door. Measuring roughly three meters in diameter, it can hold up to three people. It is designed specifically to meet high quality standards.

Email: rheissat@axeos.net

The Eccleston Square Hotel in London

Ecclestone Square Hotel is an ingeniously renovated 39-bedroom hotel that has been dubbed Europe's most high-tech hotel for its ground-breaking technology.